Frequently Asked Questions

Do you pass a plate for tithe's and offerings?

      - At the Rock Church, we do not pass an "offering plate". We would ask that you would prayerfully consider how God wants you to give of the financial resources that God has given you. We do have a Generosity Box located in the back of the sanctuary, where giving can be done in a discreet fashion.  

How BIG is the church?

      - Our average weekly attendance for 2018 was about 35.

Who can participate in communion (The Lord's Supper)?     

      - At the Rock Church, we believe that anyone who is a follower of Jesus can partake in the Lord's Supper; whether you are a member of the Rock or not. We serve grape juice to represent the blood of Jesus and we use a loaf of bread to represent the body of Jesus. 

Do you have a dress-code for Sunday Morning's?     

      - Please come dressed in clothes. :)
        (Hats, boots, sandals, sneakers, jeans, dresses, T-Shirts, tattoo's, piercings and suit-and-tie are all welcome). 

Are my children welcome?     

      - Absolutely, we love the presence of children! We want children to be comfortable to roam around during worship; it's a beautiful sign of LIFE in a church. We have coloring pages and snacks available for children (ages 1-100). 

Do you have Children's Church?

      - Yes! After the time of worship, the children are invited upstairs for "Children's Church".  The expected age group for Children's Church is ages 2-10. They have a time of Bible Teaching and a Fun Craft. 
*All child-care workers have passed a FCRA-Compliant Criminal Background Check.

What is the typical Order of Service?     

      - Service begins at 10:04am (not a typo). We'll open with a few announcements about upcoming events. Next is a time of worship, which is typically a mix of hymns and contemporary music. The children are then dismissed for Children's Church. The sermon is given, closed with prayer. Everyone is dismissed after the sermon. Generally, the worship service is wrapped-up by 11:00am. Everyone is always invited to stick-around for a time of prayer after the service.

How can I be added to receive Newsletter Updates?     

      - Email to request updates. 

Is the church-building Handicap Accessible?     

      - Yes, the main service is located on the first floor which has both men's and women's handicap accessible bathrooms. Children's Church is held in the upstairs part of the building. 

What are some ways I can get connected?     

      - There are "Connection Cards" available to everyone. We encourage everyone to fill one out with prayer requests and contact information so that we can stay connected. 

*Any information collected from the "Connection Cards" is kept confidential. 

What Bible do you use?     

      - The Bibles that we have available in the Pew-Chairs is the English Standard Version (ESV). These Bibles are ALWAYS Free to Take. 

*We are not strict on "only" using the ESV.

Are the sermon's available online?     

      - Currently, we do not "live-stream" our Sunday service. We do video-record the sermon and upload the video to YouTube as well as post a link on Facebook by the following day.

What is a "Church-Plant"?     

      - It is not a "plant" that is specifically designed for church decoration. A church plant is a movement to establish an organized body of believers in a new location; with a goal to become self-sustaining, self-governing, and self-replicating.